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The hot water heater is one of the most essential fixtures in your home. It provides hot water throughout your home, but when it is malfunctioning or not working, it can become a huge hassle.

Simply not getting hot water throughout your home is a huge hassle, but that is not the only thing that will happen when your hot water heater is malfunctioning. Leaks in the area surrounding the water heater can result in things like ruined carpeting, warping of floorboards, and even wide-spread water damage to your home. Trust your local professionals in Webster and League City, TX for all your water heater repair needs. Call us today at (281) 461-8117.

These are all huge inconveniences that can result in real problems if left unchecked. That is why the first thing that you should do when dealing with an issue to your hot water heater is to pick up the phone and call Ingram Plumbing Co.. The level of experience that our technicians bring to the table is unmatched in the industry as there is little that they have not seen or done.

Ingram Plumbing Co. will arrive at your home to assess the condition of your water heater, locating any potential issues that there may be. The last thing you want is for one issue to be solved and others to persist because this can lead to further repairs that need to be done at a later date. Getting them all done at once is important so that you don’t have issues persisting.

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Once the technician has taken the steps necessary to identify the problems at hand, they will work to create a plan of action and then implement that plan towards creating a permanent solution to the leaks in your hot water heater.

The problem can be a number of different things. The most typical is that the pilot light will not stay lit, meaning that your home is not getting the hot water that it should be. This can be easily fixed in many cases, but a pilot light that won’t stay lit can be indicative of a greater issue.

There are also your traditional leaks. Because many homeowners still install gas and electric water heaters, there are a number of different pipes that run into the water heater. These can corrode and crack over time, causing leaks that can result in water pooling around the base of the water heater. When this happens, the area where the water heater sits can become damaged. This includes warped and destroyed wood or soaked and mildew-encrusted carpeting. Leaks can only add to your list of concerns and letting them go unchecked can result in more headaches than you had originally accounted for.

Ingram Plumbing Co. has experience with hot water heaters of all kinds: natural gas, electric, and tankless water heaters. You will get the peace of mind that you deserve when you call Ingram Plumbing Co. to handle all of your water heater repair and installation issues.

If you have purchased a new water heater, you don’t have to install it yourself. While DIY installations can certainly save you a small amount of money, you run the risk of an improper installation that will only cost you more down the road. Let Ingram Plumbing Co. handle those installations instead so that you can get the peace of mind that you deserve when it comes to the installation of your new water heater.

At Ingram Plumbing Co., we work tirelessly to ensure that our customers are completely satisfied. There are so many options out there that it can be easy to assume that we are all the same. But to ensure that you return to use our services again and again, we aim to provide the very best service that your money can buy. Combined with our ability to be cost-competitive, there are few services available in Texas that can match what we have to offer.

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Calling Ingram Plumbing Co. in Webster and League City, TX at (281) 461-8117 is the first step that you need to take when dealing with your hot water heater issues. Don’t waste the time trying to implement a DIY fix when you can get the very best services possible from the professionals.

Pick up the phone today and schedule your appointment now. You should not have to deal with the hassles that can come with a malfunctioning or leaking hot water heater. When you have Ingram Plumbing Co. on your side, you get the peace of mind and water heater repair that you deserve.

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